Chester's Mill Town Office

Welcome to the Chester's Mill Town Office! The town office is open week days from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, and can be reached via telephone at 555-1645.

Important Notices
The Chester's Mill Volunteer Fire Department needs a few good men and women to help fill out its ranks. See Romeo Burpee for more information about joining the force.
Don't forget to register your dog by January 31st, 2010. Avoid the $75 fine!
Now that Fall is upon us, don't forget to get a burn permit before you get rid of those leaves. See Romeo Burpee to inquire about a burn permit.
Keep your calendar open for the annual town meeting March 1st, 2010!

Local Government
Know your Selectmen!
First Selectman: Andrew Sanders
Second Selectman: James Rennie
Third Selectman: Andrea Grinnell